In the project the participating organisations will study and exchange the best teaching methods of the European Language Portfolio in different EU countries, get the feedback how effective the used teaching methods are through the co-operation with the local language teachers and educators and their students and to disseminate the information among the target group of the project, which are the local community language teachers. The participants will actively study the use and the spread of the ELP in all participants´ countries together with deep studies of their educational systems, they will visit different types of schools, meet the local educators and teachers, discuss and exchange the methods of teaching languages.

The participants will prepare a workshop for their local community teachers after each visit and they will inform the local teachers about the methods and use of the Portfolio in different countries.

Between the workshops the local language teachers will use and evaluate the newly learned methods in their respective classes with their students and they will prepare the feedback for the participating organisations.
In this way, through the co-operation and help of the local teachers and through a brochure and a CD-Rom ´The Useful Tips about the ELP´ the best teaching methods of the ELP will be found and disseminated among a great number of learners and teachers in the participants´ countries.