During 16th – 20th October 2008, a project meeting in Prague, the Czech Republic was held.
The partners from all three participating countries met to organise the work on the final project products, i.e. a brochure and a CD-ROM with some useful tips how to use the European Language Portfolio in the classroom. The partners also visited an English language lesson in a village school near Prague. Several interesting presentations were given and a lot of friendly discussions helped all participants understand both cultural differences and similarities in different European Union countries.

On 18th – 22nd April 2008, in Cartagena, Spain, an international project meeting was organised by the Spanish participants. The partners discussed the work during the second year of the project and prepared the main topics for the third year. They agreed on working on the Language Passport with their students and teachers and collecting the examples of good practice for the final product. All partners also visited an English language lesson where the teacher used the film and Portfolio ideas to motivate language students to study outside the classroom. An interesting presentation was given by Spanish partners about disseminating the European Language Portfolio ideas among the language teachers in Spain. All participants learnt a lot about the Spanish culture and life and appreciated the Spanish hospitality.

On 11th – 15th October 2007
, the partners from the three project countries met in Prague. All participants worked hard during the four meetings which were held and they came up with many interesting and useful ideas how to improve both the teaching process and students´ awareness of their own learning process. During the meetings the participants discussed not only the work for the second and third year of the project but they also met Mrs Radka Perclova, MA, author of ELP Manual for Teachers and Teacher Trainers. The guests also enjoyed visiting many beautiful places in Prague and appreciated learning about Czech culture, typical Czech food and the famous types of beer. And last but not least, all partners attended a Black Theatre performance, which they liked and appreciated very much.

During 3rd - 7th May 2007 in Spain, Cartagena, a 4-day meeting of the participants, including visits at local schools, discussions with the local teachers and comparing the used methods, was held. A workshop for the local teachers about using ELP in the participants´ countries was organised by the participant´ s organisation for exchanging information and experience and to collect the information about teaching the languages and using the ELP in Spain at different types of schools. The information about the meeting was published in the local press and on the organisation´ s school web page there were about 20 teachers and educators involved in the meeting, including 2 representatives from the Czech Republic, 4 representatives from Greece and 6 representatives of the Grundtvig Project at Cartagena Official School of Languages + school teachers involved in ELP. All participants enjoyed warm welcome and the hospitality of Spanish partners, got the integral and compact information about teaching the ELP in Spain and learnt a lot about Spanish culture.

On 25th April 2007 a workshop in Prague, in project coordinator´ s premises, was organised for the local language teachers from the whole Czech Republic. Here the local teachers were able to exchange the information about the work with the Dossier and teaching the ELP, to discuss the methods learned, to evaluate the methods of the Dossier. at local schools. The organisation got the feedback from local teachers about working on the Dossier and using the European Language Portfolio at different types of schools.

During 15th - 19th March 2007, a bilateral meeting in Prague was held. The Spanish representatives - the director and the head teacher from Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Cartagena - came to visit the coordinator organisation´ s school to share and exchange the information about using the European Language Portfolio in the partners´ organisations and to collect the information about the implementation of the Dossier (ELP) in the different languages taught at Channel Crossings Language School in Prague. It was an intercultural and educational visit and it helped to share the information about the use of the European Language Portfolio in Spain and teaching and teaching languages in the Czech Republic. the Spanish partners appreciated the beauties of Prague and learnt a lot about the culture in the Czech Republic.

On 2nd March 2007 in Nafpaktos, Greece there was a Grundtvig seminar organised for the local teachers in the "Centres of Foreign Languages" of KITTEA - PAPADOKOSTAKI. The main targets were exchanging information and experience about the implementation of the Dossier (ELP) and getting feedback from work done by teachers and students. Improving teaching methods and approaches were also discussed.

On 10th January 2007 there was the first meeting of 18 local teachers from the Czech Republic in Prague, from different types of schools - a university, several grammar schools, elementary schools and kindergartens, who agreed on using the Portfolio with their pupils and students. The atmosphere at the meeting was enthusiastic and friendly and the teachers agreed on another meeting at the end of April to discuss and share the first impressions and results from the work with the Portfolio. The teachers welcomed the opportunity to meet new colleagues, to share and exchange the ideas and to discuss the problems at teaching languages.

In January 2007 in Cartagena, Spain, several meetings with local teachers involved in the project were prepared and organised. The teachers exchanged information and experiences about the implementation of the ELP Dossier. The organisation got feedback from work done by teachers and students so that the teaching methods and approaches could be improved.

During December 2006 the coordinator organisation launched the project web page www.learning-educators.com where the information about the project and the news can be gained and shared. It´ s aim is to disseminate the objectives and activities carried out by the project throughout this year and the other 2 partner schools can make suggestions and modifications to improve the web page. It can help the teachers and other educators interested in the project to learn about the project and find all relevant information. It will also help to disseminate objectives and activities carried out by the 3 partner organizations.

In November 2006 a Grundtvig seminar with local English teachers was organised in Nafpaktos in the "Centres of Foreign Languages" of KITTEA - PAPADOKOSTAKI for Greek partner organisation + Greek language schools + KEMOP The website of the project in Greek language www.kemop.gr started.
The teachers and the responsible working Grundtvig Group in Greece, in Nafpaktos learnt about the Portfolio, discussed the Dossier methods and they were trained in using the ELP Portfolio methods e.g. the Dossier.

In 12th - 16th October 2006 the representatives of the partner organisations met in Patras/Nafpactos in Greece to coordinate the project in their countries and to discuss the approach to the project. They agreed on working on the Dossier during the first year of the project. It was the first 4-day meeting of the participants, where they visited the local schools, talked to the local teachers and compared the used methods. A workshop for the local teachers took place about using ELP in the participants´ countries.